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Assemble connects artists, technologists, and makers with curious adults and kids of all ages through interactive gallery shows, community talk backs, learning parties, and workshops focused on teaching STEAM principles (science, technology, engineering, art, and math). We host these activities at our space in Garfield’s Penn Avenue arts district and at events throughout Pittsburgh.


Hear more about what we do from WQED's Pittsburgh Innovators Project:


Hyperlocal Creations @ Saturday Crafternoons!

On Saturday, November 8, the Saturday Crafternoons program had participants create collages, paintings, 3D paper objects, and other crafts to be submitted to the Hyperlocal Art Show. We had a collage station, painting station, and drawing station where the kids could move freely within the space at any time to make a masterpiece. The collage […]

Kreepy Dolls with Daniel Baxter @Saturday Crafternoons!

This past Saturday Crafternoons was pretty kreepy as visiting artist Daniel Baxter, creator of the Kreepy Doll Factory, helped us create our very own Kreepy Dolls! The kids began by creating a preliminary sketch and bio of their doll, including a name, age, habitat, diet, and anything else they thought was interesting. After brainstorming, they chose […]

Halloween Fun @ Saturday Crafternoons!

This week at Saturday Crafternoons we celebrated one of the spookiest holidays: Halloween! The kids began at the Halloween mask making station where they were given gold cardboard cutouts and a wide variety of materials from broken tiles to tissue paper to decorate their masks. Some creations were scarier than others!          […]