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Afrofuturism is the reimagining of a future filled with arts, science, and technology as seen through the lens of the African Diaspora. Learn about the developing intersection and experience of BIPOC people from around the world. Past, present, and future lives inspire an entire world of possibilities that look just like YOU!

Hidden Figures Astronaut Helmet Afrofuturism

Creative Chemistry

Bring the Next Generation Science Standards to life in your classroom through chemistry!   Supported by PPG Foundation, this interactive and creative program focuses on different ways that chemistry is behind all aspects of science.

Creating a volcano from dough, baking soda, and vingear

Make it!

Calling all after-school artists, budding engineers, and young makers!  We’re learning through making, testing out wild ideas, and building a better future. Students explore the wonderful world of STEAM with hands-on activities and dreaming up creative inventions. 


Emerging Engineers

Get hands-on with structural, mechanical, environmental, computer, and bio-engineering! Build bridges, design cars, and learn about machine learning! Engineer design process to prototype, re-imagine, and create the world around you!


Assemble Your Semester

We recognize that the 2021-2022 school year is going to be different for everyone.  Assemble educators will tailor the program to the schedule requirements of individual classes as needed during school closures. Assemble programs are available for in-person or virtual instruction.

To request Assemble programs or to request more information about aligning with specific curriculum please email Ja’Sonta Roberts, our Off-Site Programs Manager, ja’ or call 412-661-6111.

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