Upcoming Learning Parties

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Learning Party: Apps and Games

May 24th | 4-6pm | RSVP here!

Assemble provides opportunities for neighborhood children to look, learn, and make in an informal educational environment during monthly Learning Parties. The goal of Learning Parties is to make topics ranging from visual art to robotics to biological science accessible, understandable, inspiring, and fun for neighborhood kids of all ages. Local kids will discover local resources for fun and learning available to them through Assemble and beyond. Learning Party activities are organized as stations, which are facilitated by a team of local experts, education specialists, and volunteers. The events are self-navigated by our drop-in visitors, a combination of kids and parents, who may spend as much time as they like at each station. Assemble offers a variety of inquiry-based, student centered activities ranging from art-making, scientific and technological experiments, conversations with experts, storytelling, and more.

Nina Barbuto's Creative Mornings Talk about Learning Parties