Jameelah Platt :: Adorning Anecdotes

Adorning Anecdotes is the product of relying on one’s memory to translate those nostalgic moments in time. These narratives are told through quick gestural painting and the rapid reproduction of mark making through stamps and stencils. Memory can be bright, muted, fragmented, well-defined, everlasting and even fleeting. With in Adorning Anecdotes, color, the human figure and text are the compass and mirror; to help navigate through the familiarity of the narrative and reflection of memory.

As an artist whom constructs narratives, Jameelah often consider her works to be projected as a book, creating visual narratives for the audience to decode. Working with themes of nostalgia, intimacy, comfort, community and fear creates a language that is reflective, reminding us all to investigate these themes introspectively. She is inspired by the process of story telling, art history, nostalgia and the sense of familiarity such themes can evoke.

Assemble’s Unblurred-Crafternoon Residency is made possible in part by the A.W. Mellon Fund of the Pittsburgh Foundation.