Plasticoral Specimens :: Asia Ward

Plasticoral Specimens imagines a time in the near future where coral reefs are replaced with plastic artificial reefs constructed by humans. The bubble glass and oval frames reference a photo style used in the 20th century which contained altered family photos, sometimes of a diorama-like photo of a deceased child posed sleeping. In this exhibit, the collection of plasticoral specimens are posed like artifacts from an older past. They are memorials to something that died, then artificially remade, passing into artifacts of decorative novelty. In the year 2050, the audience viewing these specimens are two generations into the future.

Asia Ward is a sculpture artist with a portfolio of large public sculptures and installations that reference the natural environment, water systems, and energy production. Her work is interactive, kinetic, and community based. Ward’s background as a Science Museum of Minnesota Artist in Residence as well as her leadership in STEAM based education help guide the content of her sculptures. Ward has participated in several Artist Residencies around the US, and has received grants from the Minnesota State Arts board, Northern Lights, Public Art Saint Paul, Institute on the Environment, and the Knight Foundation.

Assemble’s Unblurred-Crafternoon Residency is made possible in part by the A.W. Mellon Fund of the Pittsburgh Foundation.