September 2019 Unblurred Gallery

New Divination works by DÏ

DÏ is the moniker of a 19 year old artist, hailing from the small town of Cuddy, Pennsylvania, approximately 30 minutes south of the city of Pittsburgh. DÏ’s work often displays a chaotic, scatterbrained aesthetic, influenced both by his application of history, psychology, theology, and philosophy into his work, and his personal struggles with severe anxiety and OCD. By creating not only fine art, but also music, films, clothing, sculptures, and poetry, DÏ attempts to take conceptual art to a new level of applicability to the viewer: the work does not only have a rich background of historical and analytic interpretations, but also induces a deep, personal relationship with the spectator, independent of all outside references.

We are progressing further into a future unknown. Political factions are becoming increasingly polarized, our planet is wilting before our eyes and aspects of our democracy, like the economy and personal freedom, delicately hang by a thread, dangling over a pit of complete corruption. DÏ’s first-ever solo show, New Divination takes the guise of a 21st-century, agnostic spiritualist, utilizing ancient theological methods and ideas in order to facilitate the possibility of a calmer, safer future for the earth, or at least a better realization of how anxiety, confusion, and hope all intersect.


Unblurred Gallery Opening Reception 

First Friday – September 6, 2019, 6pm-10pm