SC1May309SC2May309On Saturday, May 2nd we began our month-long focus on zines with D.S. Kinsel from BOOM Concepts! D.S. led us in creating a zine focused on our likes and dislikes.

We used a variety of materials such as pastels, paint, crayons, and more!

Each zine originated from one folded piece of paper and was later manipulated into a small booklet with a front and back cover.

We also worked on a larger zine project that we will complete in the coming weeks!

SC3May309SC4May309On Saturday, May 9th we continued working on zines with Julie Mallis from BOOM Concepts!

The kids could create small paper flipbooks and zines and decorate them with any medium of their choice. The content within their zines ranged from stories about a red lion to coupon books in celebration of Mother’s Day.   SC5May309

We created homemade prints and stamps by carving shapes into small foam squares, painting over the shapes, and stamping the shapes into the zine!

SC6May309      SC7May309

After they finished creating the content, the kids had the option of making a .gif of their flipbook by photographing each page and uploading the images to a .gif making website.

Thanks so much to Julie Mallis and D.S. Kinsel for volunteering as guest makers!

For more information about Saturday Crafternoons, click here!

Blog post written by Rebecca Sufrin, one of Assemble’s Repair the World volunteers.

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