Why Give on Day of Giving, Tuesday May 3?


Since its founding in 2011, Assemble has created a unique community of educators, makers, artists, and technologists in the neighborhood of Garfield. As a nonprofit, Assemble relies on its base of volunteers and teachers to sustain its creative, educational programming and offer programs free of charge to local residents. Like many nonprofits the organization also relies on donations from the Pittsburgh community to continue its work.


The seventh annual Day of Giving is coming up on May 3. Can we count on you to support us?

Assemble’s social media intern, Veronica Green, isn’t sure if she wants to pursue photography or a software engineering degree–but she knows she wants to keep doing creative work. “Being at Assemble has really made me think about my future,” she says. “I do things like coding, blogging, and [participating in] learning parties. Assemble has let me have experiences that I could never have in school or that I could ever do alone.”

Why should the Pittsburgh community donate to Assemble on the Day of Giving? Veronica thinks her own experiences are a perfect example of the benefits of supporting the organization. “They already do so many great things with what they have,” she says. “Imagine how much more they [could] expand their horizons with that money to help not only themselves but others. They always make sure everyone and anybody is treated equally and respectively. I could never thank them enough for what they do for me.”
The Day of Giving is an incredible opportunity for the Pittsburgh community to give back to organizations that do good in this city. Through generous support from The Pittsburgh Foundation, the event lasts from 8 am to midnight on Tuesday, May 3. Please visit Assemble’s Pittsburgh Gives profile for more information.

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