Assemble’s 2020 Unblurred Showcase

Assemble is accepting proposals for Assemble’s 2020 Unblurred Showcase. Assemble will select 10 local artists, makers, and/or technologists for participation in a month-long show at Assemble from February 2020 to November 2020. Selected artists will have the opportunity to share skills, incubate creative ideas, and facilitate community-engaged projects.

Read more about the program requirements here!

Background Information / Context

Assemble is a community space for arts and technology. We unite artists, technologists, and makers with our neighbors to provide a platform for experiential learning, open creative processes, and building confidence through making. Assemble provides a space for children and adults to engage with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM)-based activities in a fun, relaxed environment.

Scope of Work And Expectations

    • Create and install an exhibition for the gallery during the week prior to the opening night
    • Install and deinstall the work for the show (Assemble does not ship artwork)
    • Must be present for the opening event on the first Friday of the month
    • Must be present for the removal of the work on the last day of the show
    • Must be at Assemble for one artist talk or workshop during the month
    • Clearly communicate needs, materials, and marketing information required for the success of the show


This call is open to artists, technologists, makers, individuals, groups, departments, and students. There is no limit on age, number of people, or medium as long as it is maker-oriented and can connect with the community.

Assemble is a dynamic space. Your work will be at risk to people interacting with it throughout the month; it will be around children, and it will not be insured. Therefore, we suggest proposing work that is meant to be interacted with, or is durable.

We ask for $200 to have a month long show in Assemble. If this is a limitation, please let us know. You are encouraged to apply for funding through the PA Partners in the Arts grant of up to $2,500. Read more about this grant here.

Artists are welcome to sell artwork at Assemble. We ask for 30% of each art sale.

Due to Assemble’s focus on community engagement and technology, we are especially interested in working with artists and makers who live in neighborhoods adjacent to Assemble, have a social justice or community-oriented practice, work with new media, and/or have an MFA. African American, LGBTQ, and other minority Artists/Makers/Technologists are strongly encouraged to apply. Applicants must also have or have the ability provide their clearances to work with children in Pennsylvania. Assistance can be provided for obtaining Criminal Record and Child Abuse Clearances.

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