Tools Galore!

Here at Assemble, we expand the traditional notion of “tools” to extend to anything that will get the job done. We’ve got hammers, pliers, and more, but we also use a lot of found objects. This means taking apart so-called junk like old toys to use the electronics inside, and fashioning make-shift necessities from metal and wood. Our laser cutter helps us out with the latter, and creativity tends to finish the job! It’s the mixing of the old, new, and sometimes obscure that produces the unique tools you might find at Assemble.

But, even the best of tools can get old and need replacing. That’s why we’re so excited to have been awarded a General MakeKit by TEKTON! This kit is valued at $699, and includes just about every standard tool you could dream of. It’s going to be so helpful during our programs, and we love knowing that the kids and adults we serve are using the best of the best to complete their projects. Of course, we’ll still be fashioning our own tools when inspiration strikes. We’ll just be doing it with a little more style!

Stop by soon for a program to see what else is new here at Assemble!

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