The Day of Giving is Tomorrow!


The Pittsburgh Foundation’s annual Day of Giving is tomorrow from 8 am to midnight, and Assemble needs your support. We are a small nonprofit that relies on our awesome group of volunteers, teachers, and donors to keep our educational and creative programs running. Your donation could buy arts supplies, pay a teacher, fund a scholarship for summer camp, or provide free snacks to our students. Every dollar that is donated goes toward helping kids build confidence through making.

For teacher Jenna Gallant, working with Assemble has brought opportunities to lead innovative art projects and create a meaningful relationship with her students over the past few years. “As an artist who is interested in the sciences as well, it’s a great opportunity to teach amazing projects I’m unable to teach in more traditional art class settings,” she says.



Through an ongoing Assemble program at the Urban Academy on Negley Avenue, Gallant combines some of the central parts of Assemble: collaboration, hands-on learning, creativity, and science. The STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) foundation gives our students a broad base of 21st century skills that they can apply to the rest of their lives.

Why should you donate to Assemble? “It’s so important for every student to have a safe space to go after school, on weekends, in the summertime,” says Gallant. “If we can create not only a safe space, but a fun and educational one, it’s an incredible asset to the community.”

We hope we can count on your support tomorrow! Our Pittsburgh Gives page is here. There is a minimum gift level of $25, and only Mastercard and Visa can be used. You’re also welcome to mail a check to Assemble at 5125 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh PA, 15224, or make a donation via Paypal.

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