STEAM Camp (Grades 4-6) 9am – 4pm


Like our STEAM Camp from last week we explored the  intersection of science, technology, engineering, art and math through a lot of the same hands-on projects and experimentation. We did milk paining, lava lamps, constructed catapults and used the makey-makey to interact with the computer interface in a new way.


In addition to those activities, we also did object hacking where we disassembled items like film canisters, computers, wire, and other objects to create and reassemble them into really cool bugs and creatures that were imagined from the materials. We also 3D printed some objects, made play-doh and gak from scratch, and even made ice cream!


We had a lot of fun experimenting and turning the activities into group projects. Most things were competitions where after we explained the science and steps, we had the kids figure out how to make variants of the projects and test if they worked. The most fun was definitely the catapult challenge where the 2 teams were running all over trying to find new materials to not only fling the farthest, but to trick out their catapults and make them the most effective at their job of flinging by seeing how many rubber bands were too many or not enough and trying to reinforce the mechanisms with tin foil. 

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