Entry 2 JUNE 23 – JUNE 27

Crafternoon Camp (Grades 4-6) 9am – 4pm

Over the course of this week, the Maker Corp members worked with a small group of students to explore several hands-on activities, and worked at the Assemble table during the Music Festival in downtown Pittsburgh. Activities mainly involved two-dimensional art, and gardening, and where the two intersect.

On the morning of Day 1, students were taught print making, and in the afternoon, students had the opportunity to get involved in a community garden project. They researched fruits and vegetables, and began making botanical sketches. Day 2 was also split between art and gardening. In the morning, students made their own colored paper out of pulp, and in the afternoon, they continued making botanical sketches. Afternoon students also began prototyping signs for the garden. Day 3 began with LED light workshops at the Hilltop Family Care Connection, and continued into the afternoon with Maker Corp members and students working on the community garden project. After prototyping the signs, students began to build them. On Day 4, students learned how to create chromatography flowers and origami, and played with makey-makey. In the afternoon, they started to seal and assemble their garden signs. Day 5 students continued practicing skills they learned earlier in the week. Practice makes perfect! On Saturday (Day 6), the Maker Corp members tabled for Assemble at the downtown Music Festival. Where we taught children at the festival to make chromatography flowers.


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