Congratulations to The Drop Project!

Ann and Kristin, Founders of the Drop Project - An exhibit coming to Assemble in April 2014!

Bringing art and science together around the water that flows through all.

Join us in congratulating The Drop Project on their Awesome Foundation Grant Award. This project is an interactive exhibit that aims to embody sustainability, cutting edge science communication, and marketing techniques. By building an informational exhibit based on sound science and strong in visual, tactile, and new media, the goal is to combine the “familiar with the unfamiliar” and  create connections between individuals, communities, and their local watersheds.

The Drop Project aims to personify aquatic ecosystems in order to create relatability to our everyday lives.

The Drop Project imbues the importance and promise of sustainability communications working in tandem with sustainability science to encourage knowledge in local stakeholders and those living in the watershed. By reaching out to communities that each have a unique role to play in their watershed, we hope to measure the effectiveness of our exhibit to create a replicable model for sustainability programing and action marketing.

Ann and Kristin will also be selling handmade, water-related goods and art during the exhibit!

VISION: To grow and diversify watershed stewardship by increasing awareness of the human to water relationship, as well as promoting lifestyle choices that support a cleaner watershed.

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