This week at Saturday Crafternoons, community artist Bernie Wilke taught us about collaborative community murals!

The afternoon began with an upbeat drawing game called Pass the Picture. For about two minutes, each person drew a picture and passed it to their neighbor after the two minutes passed. Neighbors were told to add anything to the drawing they received, but they could not erase or remove any part of the image. We repeated this process a few times and it produced some amazing pictures!

SC1Jan17 SC2Jan17

After a quick snack break, we read the poem called “I Heard a Bird Sing” by Oliver Herford. We talked about symbols, meaning, comfort, and hope, which set us up for the meaning behind the mural we were set to create.


Bernie drew the mural on special canvas paper, paired each segment with a number, and cut the mural into squares. The kids referenced a number key that corresponded to each paint color.

SC4Jan17 SC5Jan17

He drew a grid on the wall that held the place for each square. As each square was completed, Bernie added them to the wall and the mural was complete!

SC6Jan17 SC7Jan17

Thanks so much to Bernie for bringing such an awesome project!


For more information about Saturday Crafternoons, click here!

Written by Rebecca Sufrin, one of Assemble’s Repair the World fellows.


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