August @ Assemble

Don’t let the end of summer slip by you!It’s true. It’s August. School will be right around the corner. Before you start your back to school shopping saga, come and party with us! We don’t have a pool but there plenty of things to make! We welcome you to another month of Assemble activities! Join us for the opening for No Fly Zone, M3 Saturday Workshops, summer camps, and fun awesome events for all! Detailed event descriptions are below, and a cheat sheet of dates is to the left.  As always, we appreciate your support! We are a 100% volunteer-run organization and all donations go a long way! You can also contribute to Assemble via PayPal. You’ll receive a letter for your taxes as well! Send us an email to volunteer at Assemble, or tell us about your great idea for an activity! Let’s collaborate! If you are a teen looking for somewhere to spend your internship hours, look no further! Assemble needs you! 

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