Artist Talk – Sharrell Rushin

Join us on June 27 at 5:30pm for a discussion about her ode to Black hair culture, the process, and inspiration behind her work. Read more about this event here!

“Don’t forget your kitchens” is an ode to Black American hair culture. The exhibition will feature mixed media art that presents iconic aspects of Black American hair culture in the form of Pop Art.

Born and raised in the east end of Pittsburgh, before it was the cool place to be– Rell’s youth was spent as a classically trained singer, studying voice from grades 6-12 at both at Rogers and CAPA, a Pittsburgh high school for the creative and performing arts. Long before her dreams of being an opera star, she took interest in fashion design, honing her sewing skills by creating fashions for her extensive collection of Barbie dolls. However, she did not take interest in drawing and painting until her senior year of high school while preparing her portfolio for art and design colleges.

Rell describes her work as being a reaction to the happenings in international pop culture, her surroundings, and daily life. She uses a variety of mediums to cover a range of subjects such as introversion, African American female identity, black representation in mass media, maladaptive daydreams, and millennial identity.

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