5 Reasons Why I’m an Assembler (part 2)

Reason # 4 – Because I get to work with amazing people

Much has been written about the awesomeness of Assemble’s Executive Director Nina Barbuto.  And rightly so, she is the quintessential nonprofit ED — passionate about what she’s doing with a strong vision for her organization and a love of community.  Just being around her is enough to make a believer out of the least arts-inclined person.   But Assemble is actually a convergence of lots of talented, dedicated individuals who want to see that space in Garfield flourish and nourish all who come through its doors.

The all volunteer staff and board are always hard at work making the space look welcoming, extending the reach of the organization by charting out new programs and workshop and partnering with other groups to bring energy and fresh ideas into Garfield.

One of  Assemble’s biggest strengths is its intergenerational appeal.  Learning Parties are just as much fun for adults of all ages as they are for kids.  I learn just as much from the tween/tween workshop participants as they do from me, if not more.

The give and take from all members of the very broad Assemble community is a special thing, something perhaps more common at one time but hard to find now.  And it’s something sorely needed.  Making a community is hard work and requires spaces that allow that work to happen in.  5125 Penn Ave is such a place.  I know that when I go there, I’m going to learn, I’m going to give, and I’m going to feel part of the fabric of a growing community of learners, sharers, doers, makers, thinkers, and creators.  What a great thing that is for Pittsburgh.

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