Guiding Principles


We encourage out of the box thinking, roundabout approaches, and innovative methods for everyone, including our learners, teachers, and staff.

Inclusion + Belonging

We are united by our identity as learners, and use our commitment to safety and anti-oppression to deepen our relationships with ourselves and others. We welcome people of all ages, genders, races, disability statuses, learning types, and skill sets to play and work at Assemble. You belong here.


We value and prioritize connection; by cultivating a space for neighbors, learners, artists, and makers, we foster a vibrant community for continuously learning and exchanging knowledge.

Personalized Learning

 Every learner is unique; we believe that education should adapt to each learner, not the other way around. We ensure that each person’s gifts are nurtured, cultivated, and activated to tackle challenges, solve problems, and be their authentic selves.

Process > Product

We value learning and making as a journey, where the experience and joy of creating is just as important as the final result.