Assemble is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering learning and creativity. Assemble envisions diverse neighborhoods of empowered people who create, connect, learn, and transform together. We build confidence through making by uniting communities of artists, technologists, makers, and learners both in our space at 4824 Penn Ave and beyond.

Assemble is a Platform

Assemble is a platform that elevates ideas, activities, and relationships that build agency of the individual and empowers relationships that build a community.  Our platform is exciting, can change one’s disposition, encourages creativity, and removes barriers. It provides choices to construct a better future for oneself and invites engagement of learners of all ages, from little people (kids, teens) to big kids (young adults, grown ups). We accomplish this with creativity through Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) disciplines and learning opportunities to build valuable 21st century skills. We encourage creative problem solving and critical thinking skills through the tangible application of concepts, a hands-on participatory environment, and interdisciplinary engagement. Our culture of open-ended experimentation celebrates both successes and failures as opportunities to learn, grow, and try again. 

We are Hyper Local

Connecting Garfield community members to each other and opportunities is our first priority.

Our pedagogy is recognizable and replicable

Assemble builds confidence through our project-based learning opportunities.

We are welcoming

Assemble is a space where people of all ages and backgrounds are invited to participate.

Our programming is high quality

Assemble is a space where people of all ages and backgrounds are invited to participate.

Assemble is a Place

Assemble is a place where people can gather around a set of values and engage in activities and collaborations. Our place is a dependable, safe, productive, and welcoming environment that is predictable, has a shared identity with the community, is trusted, and is permanent. We accomplish this with an open invitation and our consistent presence in the community. Our in house and out of house programs represent a culture and environment that can be assembled in other locations.

We are transparent

Assemble is clear and open with all stakeholders.

We are equitable

We are equitable, internally and externally. Assemble treats its staff and the community
respectfully and fairly.

We quantify our impact

Assemble measures its impact and tracks its progress.