Does your child ask a lot of questions? Is “why” a popular word? Do they like solving mysteries and problems? Maybe even taking things apart or telling stories about what the future will be like?! Look no furthur, we have the summer camp for you,err, your child! Looking for a fun, educational summer camp in Pittsburgh? Assemble’s STEAM Summer Camps are a great way to keep kids engaged, inquisitive, AND learning through the summer months! Think science camp, technology camp, engineering camp, art camp and math camp ALL rolled into one for STEAM!

Assemble Summer Camps are open to kids and tweens, ages 6-13. From beginners to burgeoning hackers, all skill levels are accepted and welcome! We simply ask that your child comes ready for learning and fun!

For more information about Assemble Summer Camps, pricing and scholarships or any other questions, please contact:

  • Assemble Summer Camps will take place at 5106 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15224, the home of the Mr. Roboto Project. We’ve partnered with our neighbors across the street to offer an air conditioned and accessible summer camp experience.
  • All Assemble Summer Camps run from 9am-4pm.
  • Each Camper will receive a camp t-shirt.
  • Snacks will be provided daily. Campers will provide their own lunch.Lunches will be provided for those who qualify or need it.
  • Each summer camp costs $200* for the week.
  • Pre-camp and post-camp care are available for an additional fee of $50. Pre-care is 8-9am, Post-care is 4-6pm.
  • Camp is FREE to those who live in Garfield.
  • Our scholarships are “pay-what-you-can.”
  • Interested families can reserve a spot for their child through the links below via eventbrite. You can also call 412-254-4230 or email to register.

Mysteries of the Universe!

Take an exploration in science, technology, engineering, art, and math & help solve some out-of-this world mysteries!
Get into all the weird, fun, hands-on activities that make you question why and how?! Blow things up! Make things sparkle! Learn about environmental, earth, and planetary science! If you are intersted in experiments and art on Earth and in outer space, then this is the camp for you! Campers will also learn about energy, and tinker with the kinds of devices we use to harness energy on our planet.

Session 1: Ages 11-13, June 20-24: Pre-register here

Session 2: Ages 8 – 10, June 27 – July 1:SOLD OUT! Sign up for waiting-list

Session 3: Ages 6-7, July 5- 8: SOLD OUT! Sign up for waiting-list
*Since there is not camp July 4th, this camp is only $160 for the week.

TopSecret: Maker Mission!

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to engineer your way through a series of projects and problems to fulfill your top secret mission! You will engage in hands-on challenges taking apart electronics, making circuits and robots, computer coding, and decoding secret messages, as well as using genetics and biology to solve problems! Learn some spy survival skills as you make your way through your Maker Mission!

Session 1: Ages 6-7, July 11 – 15 Ages 6 -7:SOLD OUT! Sign up for waiting-list

Session 2: Ages 8-10, July 18 – 22:SOLD OUT! Sign up for waiting-list

StoryLab: SciFi

In the not so distant future, your inventions will become a reality! Take your own creative ideas, reimagine boring objects, mix things up with new technology and more to tell the world about the future you envision! Will we all have hover boards? Will we all travel through space and time in a telephone booth? Live peacefully with zombies?! Through digital media and technology like Scratch, Mozilla Webmaker tools, robotics, and claymation, you can show the world your wildest dreams.

Session 1: Ages 6-7, July 25- 29 :SOLD OUT!  Sign up for the waiting list

Session 2: Ages 8-10, August 1 – 5:SOLD OUT! Sign up for the waiting list 

MixTape Camp!

Are you beat-maker? A news-shaker? A poetic rule-breaker? Do you have an interest in digital music-making, creative writing, and getting your story heard? Amplify your voice while you learn about podcasting, music production, zine-making and more at the Assemble Community-Sourced Mixtape Camp. Meet DJs, social media poets, sound artists, and indie media-makers. We’ll write, record, and produce our own music and poetry to be shared through a blog and zine.

Session 1: Ages 11-13, August 8-12 : Pre-register here

Maker Ed provides staffing resources for Assemble’s Summer Camp programs and more! Assemble’s Summer Camps are supported by The Jack Buncher Foundation.