Does your child ask a lot of questions? Is “why” a popular word? Do they like solving mysteries and problems? Assemble’s STEAM Summer Camps are a great way to keep kids engaged, inquisitive, AND learning through the summer months! Think science camp, technology camp, engineering camp, art camp and math camp ALL rolled into one for STEAM!

Assemble’s Summer Camps are open to kids and tweens, ages 6-13. From beginners to burgeoning hackers, all skill levels are accepted and welcome! We simply ask that your child comes ready for learning and fun!

For more information about Assemble Summer Camps, pricing and scholarships or any other questions, please contact:

  • Assemble’s 2017 Summer Camps will take place at 4824 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15224. We are so excited to have our first season of summer camps in our new air-conditioned and accessible space!
  • All Assemble Summer Camps run from 9am-4pm.
  • Each Camper will receive an Assemble STEAM Camp t-shirt.
  • Snacks will be provided daily. Campers will provide their own lunch. Lunches will be provided for those who qualify or need it. Assemble is a peanut free space.
  • Most summer camps cost $200 for the week. MixTape Camp costs $225 for the week.*
  • Pre-camp and post-camp care are available for an additional fee. Pre-camp is 8-9am for $25 for the week. Post-camp is 4-6pm for $50 for the week.
  • Camp is FREE to those who live in Garfield.
  • Assemble’s scholarships are “Pay-what-you-can.” If that is $20, awesome. If it is $0, that is okay, too! Just pick the “Garfield Resident/Scholarship” Ticket on Eventbrite. You are welcome to donate what you can via the “Pay-It-Forward/Donation” option or just pay at the start of camp via check, Paypal, or cash.
  • Interested families can reserve a spot for their child through the links below via Eventbrite. You can also call 412-661-6111 or email to register.


The future starts with YOU.  Are you ready to make the future? Got creative ideas in your brain and your fingertips?  Want to make a world that doesn’t exist yet?  Join Assemble to build a YOUTopia: the city,  the culture, the technology, and the experience. Bring your visions to life and communicate them with art, movies, comics, and poetry. Design and sew future fashion like clothes that light up. Build a video game using Virtual Reality, aka VR. Meet experts to get you to outer space.  Use real tools to make your dreams real for others to see them, too. Meet and learn from scientists, designers, technologists and engineers, and collaborate with your peers to discover how YOU can make an impact, and help design the world that YOU want to live in!

Session 1: Ages 11-13, June 19-23: Sign up HERE!

Survival of the Futurist!

In a future, not far off, unimaginable challenges await! The future needs your inquiry, your questions, and your citizen science in action! Explore the future, and how you think it could be different.   Get beyond surviving and start thriving! Learn to make a solar oven, filter water, build recycled structures, and the science behind it all! What happens when we run out of ice cream? Learn how to make it with chemistry! Use computer coding, virtual reality, circuits, and create simulation games of what you think our future holds. Meet scientists, designers, technologists and engineers, and collaborate with your peers!

Session 1: Ages 8 – 10, June 26 – June 30 : This camp is FULL! Please join the wait list HERE!

Session 2: Ages 6-7, July 3- 7: Sign up HERE!
*Since there is not camp July 4th, this camp is only $160 for the week.

Super Hero Assemble!

Curious about your own super powers? Can you leap over tall buildings like a grasshopper? Do you have the seeing capability of an owl? Let your inner superhero out! Join your fellow Assemblers to creatively explore bioengineering as you harness the superpowers that already exist in nature! Design, prototype, and make your own costumes and gadgets! Use your superpowers of science, technology, engineering, art and math to tell your story! Your secret identity is safe with us!

Session 1: Ages 8-10, July 10 – 14 : Sign up HERE!

Session 2: Ages 6-7, July 17 – 21: Sign up HERE!

StoryLab: ANIMATE!

Make some moves! Animate everything you see! Do you like being the boss and the choreographer of the screen? You sound like a computer programmer! Flip through time to tell stories with ANIMATIONS!  Meet local experts and people who get paid to make what you see on TV.  Use techniques like digital media and stop-motion while you engineer and design kinetic sculptures to make your ideas move beyond the page and screen to their fullest potential.  Wiggles are welcome! Characters ready, settings on your mark, and GO ANIMATE!


Session 1: Ages 8-10, July 24- 29: Sign up HERE!

Session 2: Ages 6-7, July 31 – August 4: Sign up HERE!

MixTape Camp!

Are you beat-maker? A news-shaker? A poetic rule-breaker? Do you have an interest in digital music-making, creative writing, and getting your story heard? Amplify your voice while you learn about podcasting, music production, zine-making and more at the Assemble Community-Sourced Mixtape Camp. Meet DJs, social media poets, sound artists, and indie media-makers. We’ll write, record, and produce our own music and poetry to be shared through a blog and zine.

Session 1: Ages 11-13, August 7-11: Sign up HERE!

Gigi’s Lab Girls

Who runs the world… and science lab?! Get ready for premier of Assemble’s girls-only Summer Camp. This great idea came to us from Gigi, one of our awesome summer campers.  Power up your empowerment, ‘cus it might get explosively real. Meet women working in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) careers!  Extract DNA and learn about other hidden figures like Henrietta Lacks and Rosalind Franklin.  From Ada Lovelace to Dr. Mae Jemison, learn and make projects that go from computer code to the stars! For more about women in STEM careers, check out these numbers.  The math doesn’t add up without YOU!

Session 1: Ages 8-12, August 14-18 : Sign up HERE!

A word from Gigi…

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Maker Ed provides staffing resources for Assemble’s Summer Camp programs and more! Assemble’s Summer Camps are supported by The Jack Buncher Foundation.