If you're interested in having a birthday party for a child, please visit Assemble's Birthday Party Package.

Assemble is an inspiring and creative space and we love for others to enjoy it too! Our space has been rented out for meet-ups, performances, classes, community meetings, student events and more. We can fit 75 people standing and about 30 people sitting. We have wifi, chairs for 30, several 6 foot folding tables, and a projector and screen available to use when renting the space.

We do not have a full kitchen, so we are unable to accommodate any onsite cooking or full-course dinners, nor are we allowed to have food for sale in our space. We also do not have a full sound system for bands, however, there are other spaces on Penn Ave who are well suited to host bands that we would be glad to connect you with! You are welcome to bring your own equipment.

For events that charge admission we ask for $100 for 3 hours (for longer events there is an extra $25/hr charge). For events that are free to the public the space costs $50 to use. Events must end no later than 10pm.

Food and outside drinks are permissible. Unless you have a liquor license, you are not allowed to charge for alcohol. We can only allow beer or wine in our space. Under Pennsylvania Law, you must card all who are to be drinking alcoholic beverages. Only 21 + may have alcoholic beverages. No alcoholic beverages are permitted out side. All smoking must be 5 ft from our door. If you are under 18 and would like to rent the space, you must have a guardian or liable adult on site for the rental. 50 people for banquet style seating, 75 people for standing room only, and 60 people for lecture style seating.

All artwork must be respected. You will be liable for all damages to the space. You would also be responsible to clean the space to be respectful for the next group using it. All food trash must be taken out to the dumpster at the end of the night and the floor must be swept OR for $50, you can have an assemble staff person clean-up after your event.

If you have questions about space rental or would like to reserve the space, please email nina @ assemblepgh.org