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Our gallery opens for every first Friday gallery crawl along the Penn Avenue Arts District. Each first Friday of the month, called Unblurred, Assemble features an artist, maker, technologist, academic department, or student. The work is in the space from the first Friday to the last Friday of the month. 

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Our March Unblurred showcase features the detailed illustrations of Felipe Delfino. This exhibition contains illustrations of specimens collected from Garfield, Friendship, Bloomfield, East Liberty and Highland Park. All specimens depicted were collected in field trips in the respective neighborhoods. Although the primary focus is on native plants, non-native house and yard plants are also depicted, since they are culturally present.

During this March Unblurred showcase, visitors are invited to name the plants depicted in the artworks, and tell us a personal story of their experience with that plant.

About the Artist:

Felipe started his career as an artist working with architectonic drafting in Goiania, Brazil, and then moved to Pelotas, Brazil to study visual arts with a major in education at UFPel. After enrolling in a certificate program of botanical illustration at Phipps, Felipe’s artistic practice focuses more on scientific drawings of flora and fauna. Graphite and pen and ink are his primary mediums, and his technique concentrates on the small details.

“I like to observe and learn from nature, and try to depict the wonder of learning through drawing in a way that can also address awareness about environmental issues, and provide knowledge about species in our immediate environment.”