Where Flowers Bloom :: Zeal Eva

Where Flowers Bloom is a visual exploration of flowers and herbs native to Pittsburgh  and those that I’ve had the opportunity of discovering while being quarantined.  Even though it wasn’t asked for, having space apart from others has given me more  courage and strength and appreciation for the spaces that I occupy. And although the  world as I knew it was turned upside down, the sun still rose, the birds still chirped and  the flowers still bloomed in spite of the circumstances. By using methods of painting,  flower pressing, paper machete and collage, Where Flowers Bloom will show an  exploration of the space around us, the different flowers and herbs we may come in  contact with everyday, and how the world around us affects the world in us.


As a visual artist, Zeal Eva’s work captures feelings of nostalgia, appreciation of the environment present, and a cultivation of safe space through digital and film photographs, painting and illustration. Through various points in her life, Zeal Eva has struggled with showing emotion and expressing vulnerability. It wasn’t until she immersed herself fully into art that she was able to find her voice and connect with those around her. Zeal Eva’s work centers around home, finding  safe space, memory mapping, as well as the celebration of blackness. By  expressing herself visually, Zeal Eva hopes to foster a sense of joy, discovery, remembrance, and appreciation of the world around us. 


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