August 2019 Unblurred Gallery

Reverberations of Love works by Stefani A. Allegretti

Reverberations of Love explores the visual representation of sound and aspects related to sound, through digital art and mixed media mediums. Sound comes in many forms, from the words we speak to the sound of musical instruments. The work in this exhibition focuses primarily on capturing the visual representation of positive words and phrases including, but not limited to “I Love You”, “You Are Loved”, “Peace, Love, Light” from various participants of different races, genders and ethnicities.

 Stefani A. Allegretti is an interdisciplinary, contemporary, award-winning artist living and working in the Pittsburgh Metro Area. Her work has appeared in various regional and national exhibitions including “Art Meets Science: Is it Art or Is it Science? “, “Feast your Eyes: the art of Food”, the “Westmoreland Art Nationals”, “Loving Your Mother: Farming as if the Earth Matters” a photography exhibition presented at the (PASA) Annual Conference for the Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture and many more.

The majority of her work focuses on the environment, nature or natural elements in the environment. She is also interested in exploring connections, connections between the natural world and the human body, connections in the environment and the human-to-human connection through the use of various technologies. Through this exploration, much of her work takes aspects of nature, science, or society that might typically be unseen by the human eye and brings these aspects into the normal visual plane. By seeing these aspects in a new way and from a different perspective, new connections can be made and an enhanced appreciation or awareness can be achieved. Allegretti uses a variety of mediums including mixed media and a combination of photography, digital imaging, and graphic design. For more information, visit her website at 

Unblurred Gallery Opening Reception 

First Friday – August 2, 2019, 6pm-10pm