Future Correspondence :: Khadijat Yussuff

Future Correspondence is Khadijat Yussuff’s exploration of the types of messaging the 8 year old version of their-self – who was just learning about the anti-black and otherwise harmful systems of the Western world, and their presumed place within it – might have wished they had been given. As is necessary when reflecting on the past Khadijat is thinking about how this new person, almost two decades removed from that past, can help ease the burden society has placed on children who look like them and lived like them in the present and future.

8 was the age when Khadijat discovered their first real hobby, knitting, and their first true passion, the scientific process. Khadijat would like to honor both that child and their current person by weaving these themes and media together (via tufting, crystallization, and laser animation).

Khadijat Yussuff is Yoruba-American local textile and audiovisual artist originally hailing from The Bronx, NY. Their color-saturated work ranges across media such as music production, VR, and fashion design, merging the technological and the tactile.

Khadijat’s work embraces immersiveness by appealing to the senses using a mix of traditional and digital media in order to elicit specific feelings and emotions, many drawn from the experiences of artist themself.

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