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Identity Dialogue

March 1, 2013 - March 30, 2013

Personal identities are multi-layered and complex, multi-faceted and dynamic; they are three-dimensional, expandable and unique. Identities are also collapsible and compartmentalizable. No single label can fully define an identity and, by extension, a person. Even a list of characteristics will fail to encompass the entirety of one’s background and experiences and all the rest that contribute to an individual identity.

Yet, we have an almost compulsive need to simplify our own identities and those of others.  We see another person as a singular characteristic, but we don’t recognize the wholeness of that person. The reduction of our identities often pits man against woman, black against white, queer against straight.

The work in this exhibition was born out of attempts to address questions of “WHO?” and the need to breakdown preconceptions and form dialogues between one another. As artists and as members of various local and global communities, we are working to break down stereotypes among peoples.

The power of art is often harnessed to empower communities and inspire action, but we strive to fuel an intercultural dialogue through creative action. We see our individual pieces as being in dialogue with each other, and also work to collaborate on art that embodies such a dialogue. Our work explores Identity, how it is perceived, how it is imposed, and how it is lost.

By putting forth figurative pieces of ourselves, we ask one another for recognition. It is through recognition that we can begin to understand what makes another person simultaneously similar and dissimilar.


March 1, 2013
March 30, 2013
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