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Drawing with Light

February 5, 2016 - February 27, 2016

Drawing with Light

Lori Hepner

Light is something that surrounds us as we go about our everyday lives. It’s almost a forgotten element until we realize that it is integral to how we go about our lives in an ever more technologically driven world. This month, the American Jewish Museum has partnered with artist Lori Hepner to create a series of interactive workshops that take advantage of the neon of the now, LEDs, to draw with light in unexpected ways. Taking inspiration from the light based work in the AJM’s Jane Haskell: Drawing in Light retrospective and Lori Hepner has devised a series of pieces to allow the public to help craft an exhibition at Assemble that will evolve over the course of a month.

Inspired by the fast evolving technology of LEDs, an acronym for Light Emitting Diodes, and our fast moving digital lives, Lori Hepner has used the devices in unexpected roles in her photographic and participatory social media based practice. Projects include LEDs blinking out binary code, to digitally drawing sun prints of status updates and ASCII art & emoticons, to physical performances that draw text of status updates into morphed landscapes through LED light sabers wielded by visitors to draw with it in front of a camera.

Digital sun prints will be made that use grid of 640 UV-light emitting LEDs to expose cyanotype fabric, one of the first light-based drawing processes, to create abstract, text based, blue dot drawings. Visitors can tweet their own text-drawings, where characters in the alphabet are used to draw, rather than to write sentences, which will then be used to create a wall-full of cyanotypes that will grow all month long. Tweet-receipts will even be printed out to hold the space of where the drawing will ultimately be displayed.

A darkened space at the rear of Assemble will be an area where people can move a digital light stick that plays back images a column of pixels at a time to create light drawings through their movement. Long exposure photography records the performance of moving light and redraws visitors’ images as they move through space.



Photo: Between the Sea and the Sky: Korpo Gesture #2520. Lori Hepner, 2015.



February 5, 2016
February 27, 2016
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