Assemble Day Camps 2017-2018 

Earth, Wind, and Fire Day Camp (Grades 1-2) // Read more and register here!

Friday, November 11 // 9am-4pm 

Have you ever wondered what the air, fire, and earth have to do with cooking? Do you know if the core of the Earth is a solid or a liquid? Have you ever wanted to do experiments with the air or our Earth and make things bubble, float, grow or sink? We will explore these questions as we discover the mysteries of the elements. Bring your creative mind and questions to our Earth, Wind and Fire Day Camp.

Robots Day Camp (Grades 3-5) // Read more and register here!

Monday, November 27 // 9am-4pm 

Have you ever wanted to build your own robot? Do machines have feelings? How do you use technology to help you with daily tasks? Could robots help us live on another planet? Bring your questions and creative mind to our exploratory camp.

Details for All Day Camps:
All Assemble Day Camps run from 9am-4pm.
We offer pre-camp and post-camp care options. Both are available for an additional fee.
  • Pre-camp is 8-9am for $10.
  • Post-camp is 4-6pm for $15.
  • We offer morning and afternoon snacks. Campers will provide their own lunch. Please note that Assemble is a peanut free space. If you have any dietary concerns or needs, please reach out to Hannah at


    • Day Camp costs $50 per day.
    • If you are a Garfield resident, you do not need to pay a fee to participate. Just select the "Garfield Resident" Ticket.
    • If you live outside the Garfield neighborhood and cost is a barrier, we offer "Pay-what-you-can" scholarships. If that is $20, awesome. If it is $10, that is okay, too! Just pick the "Scholarship Ticket" on Eventbrite.

    Interested families can reserve a spot for their child through the Eventbrite tickets on this page. You can also call 412-661-6111 or email to register.