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As you may know, this has been an exciting year of growth for our organization. To meet the new goals that we have set for ourself, we realized that we wanted/needed a space that was:
  • Newer
  • Larger
  • More accessible
Why newer? We desired a space that was newer because of the challenges that we’ve encountered trying to clean and maintain an older building. Some of the original features that make spaces like ours charming also make them difficult to clean to the standard that we want to meet for our students and guests. Difficulties that come along with an older venue, like plumbing challenges and a lack of outlets, no longer work for the organization that we are trying to build.
In our new space, we will have multiple sinks and toilets, as well as a plethora of outlets and storage space. We will also have flooring and wall space appropriate to the type of activities that we conduct in our space. For anyone that has experienced Assemble during the summer months, the addition of central air will be a benefit to all.
Why larger? Over the last several years, we’ve had opportunities to add additional programming or to support larger groups of students in our current space. The current gallery space is not large enough for us to spilt into multiple groups/break out groups to meet the needs of different skill levels/age groups. We have been able to “make due” by moving programs off-site or outside (e.g. summer camps) but going forward, we’d like to have these types of programs happen in our space.
In our new space, we will have ample room for students and will have the ability to divide the space, allowing more than one group to learn at the same time. We will also have additional space for storage, restrooms and other amenities.
Why more accessible? Assemble desires to be an inclusive space for all people. Our current space is not accessible for our friends with different physical abilities levels.
In our new space, we have ramps for people who may not be able to safely/easily navigate stairs and restrooms with wide doors and multiple stalls that all of our friends can easily access including those who make use of devices like wheel chairs or walkers. Our new space will also be air-conditioned. Air conditioning will be a benefit to all, but will help make our space accessible to individuals with medical conditions that prohibit exposure to high heat/humidity.