Urban Eco Explorers Ages 11-13; June 22nd-26th!

Our first group of Explorer’s kicked off the Assemble Summer Camps right! Over the course of the week we explored many different urban environments, and learned about ways we can help our communities by adopting the philosophy of the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, And Recycle! Here are a few of our favorite activities:

We learned about Ultraviolet Light and made Cyanotypes. The kids painted photosensitive chemistry on canvas, and then designed imagery using plant materials and stencils. The content varied; some kids used lyrics from songs they had written or quotes from books they liked, while others explored imagery and learned how to create layered collages with natural materials.

7                         6

We also learned about land art, and the great artist Andy Goldsworthy. We went down to Allegheny Cemetery and used natural materials to make temporary land art. Kids used different materials, including sticks, leaves, flowers, rocks, and acorns, to create sculptures.

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Lastly, the kids really enjoyed making their own recycled birdhouses, which they designed and created. First the kids, sketched and shared their ideas for their birdhouses, then they learned how to operate the power drill to drill holes for the birdhouse.  Next, they painted and decorated their birdhouses and filled them with birdseed! We had so many different types of birdhouses, including a gingerbread house and a bird motel!


The kids had a blast learning more about the environment and creating their eco-friendly projects!

Blog post by Fabienne, Summer 2015 Maker Corps.

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