Unblurred: The App Expo 3G LTE

September Unblurred Showcase: The App Expo 3G LTE

September 7-28

The App Expo 3G features sculptural and conceptual works by several local artists, technologists, and app enthusiasts. The work comes from a strategically crafted design challenge related to the development of tangible (non-screen) apps that help kids understand internet safety, responsibility, and the trappings of the digital reality.

Featured artists: John Balash, Nina Barbuto, Russ Cogdell, Darnell Chambers, Naomi Chambers, Andrew O. Ellis, Tereneh Idia, Jennifer Meridian, Juliet Pusateri, Lindsey Scherloum, Jennie Stephens, and Dave Wachter. Curators and contributing artists: Ash Andrews and Ashley Andrykovitch, affectionately called “The Ashleys”

The Ashleys are the co-founders of The App Expo, a 6-year long art project taking form in pop-up performance, group shows, residencies, videos, and general technological goofs. They hope to engage community members throughout the exhibition through meetings of the Digital Reliance Support Group. Don’t be alarmed – the Ashleys will often be performing in their early 1990’s tech enthusiast personas, Jackie Tidmouth and Bill Napford, throughout the duration of this exhibition, and especially during special events.

On September 7th, Bill and Jackie will be on hand to meet and greet every single attendee! Many apps are interactive as well.

Ash Andrews makes art about gender, technology, and humor, and is a co-founder of the App Expo. Ash moonlights as the Executive Director of Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse.

Ashley Andrykovitch is a multi-disciplinary visual artist from Pittsburgh who is known for paintings on the topic of space and time, a newspaper article turned radio program with Juliet Pusateri called Art Chat, and as the co-founder of The App Expo. She is also curator of education at Fallingwater.

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