Unblurred: Jamie Smittle “No Strings Attached”

Join us for an interactive sculpture showcase featuring the work of Jamie Smittle. This interactive gallery takes you out of the gallery and into a surreal landscape. 

During this February Unblurred showcase, visitors are invited to work with Jamie to construct the puppets for the landscape. Create your own puppet using stuffed animals, recycled materials, feathers, and fabric. 

Learn about Jamie’s process behind the sculptures, and how you can create your very own art with the materials around you!

About the Artist:
Jamie Smittle is a recent Edinboro University graduate with BFA in sculpture. She specializes in mixed media and likes to use a variety of materials, the more bizarre the better. She also spends some of her spare time collaborating with fellow Pittsburgh Artists in a group known as “The Goof Troupe Artist Collective”.

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