Today’s the day!

As a community space that offers low-cost learning programs to the community, your support matters to Assemble every day. But what’s special about today? Thanks to the Pittsburgh Foundation, your gift of $25 or more will be worth more to Assemble! In fact, your gift could even be doubled!

But, you only have one day to take advantage of this very special opportunity. Giving is easy and will help make 2013-2014 our best year ever!

There are many organizations in Pittsburgh that deserve your support, and we hope you’ll consider Assemble one of them.

We’ve Done the Math!
Here are some numbers that explain what you can support: 
$25 |  FREE snacks at Assemble for kids at Unblurred events on Penn Ave
$50 | Materials and free snacks for a FREE HomeWork Session for neighborhood kids
$100 | One Saturday Crafternoon with snacks, supplies, and a small stipend for our guest artists/makers/technologists
$150 |  M3 (Materials,Media, + Me) program with supplies, snacks, and small stipend for our experts’ time
$200 | Allows two siblings to attend our in-house Summer Camps like Mini Mad Scientists
$300 | Covers the cost for us to have activities at community events and festivals doing free make-and-take activities like LED jewelery$500 | Subsidizes an entire Learning Party…one of our most popular and rockin’ programs!
$1000 | One month of rent (Yep, that’s what we pay!)
$10,500 | One full year of rent!

That means, if just 420 people gave $25 to Assemble today then we wouldn’t have to sweat the rent! We could focus on all of the fun things we do like letting kids make a mess while learning science, creating music videos to discover technology, and providing free after-school homework help sessions for neighborhood kids. Whew…enough numbers for now!

Say What?

All of our programs build confidence through making and bring STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art and Math) education to our community. We have so many rock stars come through our doors, from volunteers to experts to kids and their families. Here’s what some of them had to say about Assemble and what we mean to them.

“Assemble is an art+tech space located in the Garfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh. It is a very important place to me, as I have had the chance to build my skills and develop personally as an intern at Assemble. I also have the opportunity to teach programming, one of my loves. Even though I am a teenager, I feel empowered.”
Caroline, Age 14 - Teen Volunteer and Cyber School Student

Read an amazing article about Caroline and her passion for learning on

“I drive my daughter here from Sewickley,” said Shannon Ashmore whose child attended Assemble’s M3 Workshop on electricity. “My husband and I are both architects so making and creativity is important in our family. These workshops are a great support to what our daughter learns in the classroom.”

 “Assemble is really cool! They always have lots of awesome science activities to do, and that’s my favorite subject in school. When learning is fun, it’s easier for kids. The people who work at assemble are funny, smart, and interactive. Now that my little sister is getting older, I think she’ll enjoy coming to Assemble. I can’t wait to take her to a Crafternoon program.”
Ruairi, Age 9 -Regular attendee at Assemble


“What we love about assemble programs is that your child doesn’t have to be a wiz at science or technology to learn and have fun. All of the teachers and volunteers make us feel very welcome and at home there. My son walks right in and is instantly engaged. He comes away with lots of new knowledge and is able to talk about what he discovered that afternoon. Pittsburgh is really lucky to have such a unique environment where diverse families can come together and have a great time!”
Heather Jarrett, Assemble-loving mom and STEM fan


Giving is Easy!

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Donate Now”
  3. Use the search term “Assemble” to select us.
  4. There is a minimum gift level of $25. Only Mastercard and Visa will be         accepted.
  5. Gifts will be matched between midnight and 11:59pm on Thursday,October 3.
  6. Don’t forget to share your participation on social media to encourage others to join in on the Day of Giving support!

If that’s not your style, that’s ok! You can still make a check donation  or Paypal to Assemble. Please send it to Assemble at 5125 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh PA, 15224.




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