The Handmade Adventure Photobooth with Sarah LaPonte

On Saturday, January 24th artist Sarah Laponte returned to Saturday Crafternoons with: The Handmade Adventure Photobooth! This activity allowed the kids to create backdrops, costumes, props, set designs, and storylines for a photobooth!

After brief introductions, the kids were divided into four themed groups: superheroes, underwater, outer space, and candy forest. Each group took the time to brainstorm, formulate, and discuss how they wanted to proceed with their theme by creating characters, storylines, and many other details.

crafternoonsphotobooth1     crafternoonsphotobooth2


After this, each group gathered props and materials to make their photobooth station come to life. The kids were able to choose from fabric, paper, rainbow cellophane, cardboard, leather, and much more! There was even a mannequin arm up for grabs.

crafternoonsphotobooth6 crafternoonsphotobooth4

Once each character was perfected, the groups joined together in front of their photobooth backdrop for a few pictures!


We had nearly 30 kids at Saturday Crafternoons this past weekend and it was amazing to see the room filled with such creative energy!


Thanks so much to artist Sarah Laponte for facilitating the afternoon this week!


To learn more about Saturday Crafternoons, click here.

Blog post written by Rebecca Sufrin, one of Assemble’s Repair the World Fellows.

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