On Saturday, February 28th Saturday Crafternoons partnered with Color Me Pittsburgh and local artist Senqué Little-Poole to explore Pittsburgh neighborhoods and create art inspired by the city!

We had three stations that prompted the kids to think deeply about their communities in regards to what already exists, what they wish their communities could have, and what their communities could look like as a whole.

One station asked them to write about and sketch their favorite place in their neighborhood and what they wish their neighborhood could have. After formulating ideas, the kids were able to choose between two types of clay to bring their ideas to life.


Another station consisted of creating a city model by using a wide variety of recycled and reused materials. Senqué led some fantastic collaboration at this station!




At the third station we created a photo booth backdrop that took shape as the front of Assemble! In creating the backdrop, it was important for each window to be the same size while completely fitting within the paper border. We used a bit of math to help us figure out the most precise measurements.

Many thanks to Senqué for coming and being an awesome guest maker and facilitator!


“Created by anupama jain and Lisa Brown, Color Me Pittsburgh is a creative, collaborative mechanism for promoting social justice. The project debuted at Three Rivers Arts Festival and further evolved through participant contributions during the Carnegie Museums’ Youth Summit and Hear Me!’s Media Empowerment Student Summit in October 2014. It is intentionally being hosted at Assemble during Black History Month.”

To check out Senqué Little-Poole and his amazing work, click here!

For more information about Saturday Crafternoons, click here!


Blog post written by Becca Sufrin, one of Assemble’s Repair the World Fellows.

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