Kreepy Dolls with Daniel Baxter @Saturday Crafternoons!

This past Saturday Crafternoons was pretty kreepy as visiting artist Daniel Baxter, creator of the Kreepy Doll Factory, helped us create our very own Kreepy Dolls!

The kids began by creating a preliminary sketch and bio of their doll, including a name, age, habitat, diet, and anything else they thought was interesting.

After brainstorming, they chose their preferred fabrics and cut out the shapes necessary for the body parts.

Mr. Baxter assisted us for the next step, the sewing station. He masterfully sewed each person’s kreepy doll skeleton and directed the kids to fill the bodies and appendages with fluff.

After the bodies were created and filled, the decoration station included threaded needles, a variety of fabric patches, and glue. Some of the kids tried their hand at sewing! It wasn’t long before eyes, noses, and mouths were added.

It was wonderful to see the kids imagine possibilities and subsequently make them realities! Thanks so much to Daniel Baxter for sharing his imagination and creativity with us!

For more information on Saturday Crafternoons, please click here.

Blog post by Rebecca Sufrin, one of Assemble’s Repair the World Fellows.

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