On December 13th, Assemble’s Saturday Crafternoon program collaborated with local artist Stephanie Tsong to celebrate the holiday season with holiday cards and custom electronic Christmas trees and snowflakes!

To design our custom holiday cards, Stephanie brought an extensive stamp collection ranging from moose heads to various sets of alphabets. Another decorative option made available to the kids was to use copper tape, a battery, and an LED light bulb to give a three dimensional feature to their card. Some used these lights as a star atop a Christmas tree and other used them as candle flames on a menorah.

SC2Dec13     SC4Dec13


The other way we celebrated the holidays was with an awesome website called The program, created by Google, lets the user create their own unique snowflake with different patterns, design, rotation speeds, and more. Alternatively, the user can customize a Christmas tree light display. Once finished, the user can submit the completed design to be shown on a specific state’s Christmas tree on the White House lawn at a specific time!

It was great fun to create our own holiday cards by using both art and technology! Thanks to Stephanie for facilitating!


For more information about Saturday Crafternoons, click here!

Written by Rebecca Sufrin, one of Assemble’s Repair the World Fellows.




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