Halloween Fun @ Saturday Crafternoons!

This week at Saturday Crafternoons we celebrated one of the spookiest holidays: Halloween!

The kids began at the Halloween mask making station where they were given gold cardboard cutouts and a wide variety of materials from broken tiles to tissue paper to decorate their masks. Some creations were scarier than others!

IMG_0210        IMG_0184

The second and third stations were devoted to learning the sciences behind two different substances.

At the second station, they learned how to make all natural lip balm with essential oils. A special part of this project entailed having the kids develop their own company name and logo for their individual lip balms. The process consisted of measuring beeswax, coconut oil, almond oil, and essential oils into a heated pot. After the mixture was slightly combined they added their choice of colored crayon (purple) to the pot to give the final product some color.

IMG_0196     IMG_0207

At the third station, they learned how to make festive Halloween gak. This recipe required liquid glue, water, food coloring, and borax. After a collaborative effort of mixing the ingredients, the gak was created!


We loved getting into the spirit with the kids this week! Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!  For more information about Saturday Crafternoons, click here.

Blog post by Rebecca Sufrin, one of Assemble’s Repair the World Fellows.

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