Food Camp (Grades 3-4) 9am – 4pm

This was by far my FAVORITE week at Assemble. We did so many food experiments and got to eat most of them too!

We made our own play-doh that we turned into baking soda volcanoes. The play-doh was 100% edible with its flour base but it was SO SALTY and we were all disappointed and thirsty after trying it. The ice cream was delicious and so were our tie-dies pancakes on the last day. We turned milk into plastic, did candy chromatography, and tried to make edible magnifying glasses (unfortunately they wouldn’t solidify). We also had some awesome field trips to the Kincaid Community Garden where the gardener George shared his delicious garden treats with us. We piked a variety of green beans we got to bring home with us and some other veggies like cucumbers and squash. Our other field trip was to the Center for Post-Natural History which is a museum of genetically modified organisms. We saw and learned about the transformative history of some cool strands of bacteria, a fluffy chicken, sea monkeys, a goat whose milk was spun into silk, and some other lab experiments.

Another component of the camp was the  recipe books that  the kids kept where they wrote down and documented their creations so they could replicate their yummy (and not so yummy) food concoctions at home. This was a great tool that I think we will use for future camps. Implementing this means that each kid can share their knowledge with their friends and family. Writing down the steps to an experiment or recipe is the best was to not only replicate it but to have a base for modifications. That way then they can mare what works and doesn’t work and try to improve the methods.

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