STEAM Camp (Grades 1-3) 9am – 4pm

STEAM Camp gives kids the opportunity to explore the intersection of science, technology, engineering, art and math through hands-on projects and experimentation.

On Day 1 we did milk painting! Using almond milk, dish soap, and food coloring campers created fun ‘tie-dyed’ paper art. In the afternoon campers from the Irma Freeman Center joined us to learn about Scratch.  After the campers from Irma Freeman Center left the Assemble campers began painting pieces of wooden basket to late be assembled.On Day 2 campers made lava lamps with water bottles, oil, water, and food dye! When the Irma Freeman campers came this day they began creating their own game controllers using the Makey Makey. In the afternoon campers learned about laser cutting and used it to etch a letter in the side of their basket they painted the day before. At the end of the day we assembled the baskets with wood glue and nails.

On the morning of Day 3  campers made chromatography flowers using filter paper, sharpies, and alcohol. Campers also used recycled materials to create catapults on this day. When the Irma Freeman campers came they finished creating their game controllers and took turns testing them out.On the morning of Day 4 campers played “Sculpture Charades” using PlayDoh. We then took the campers on a urban nature walk where we picked up leaves along the way to make into placemats. On this day the Assemble campers went to the Irma Freeman Center where they began creating dioramas using cardboard and D.C. motors. In the afternoon we created “Seed Bombs” using air dry clay, soil, water, seeds, and “worm poop.”On Day 5  in the morning campers made LED bracelets using wire, beads, and ELECTRICITY! We then moved on to making our own ICE CREAM! The campers were really excited about this activity. In the afternoon they went to the Irma Freeman Center again to work on their dioramas. In the afternoon campers created their own ROCKETS!

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