Entry 5 JULY 14 – JULY 18

Crafternoon Camp (Grades 1-3) 9am – 4pm

Back to crafting and helping the Kincade Community Garden. The Crafternoons are my favorite because we get to do so many crafts and so much making in such a compact amount of time. Especially working with small kids who are ready to go go go!

The most exciting challenge this week was making gak because we failed the first day. We had cornstarch, which did not want to cooperate. Normally gak is made with borax which we were out of, so we couldn’t figure out how to adjust the proportions to make it sustainable. It got frustrating for some of the kids, but  We had to learn that sometimes when we experiment with new materials we fail, but we keep trying. No one took home ga that day. The next day we had borax and did gak trial 2 and it was super successful. All of the kids who were discouraged the day before, realized that sometimes trial and error and a little failure can lead to a bigger success later on.

We also made a lot of super cool things like LED pins, lip balm from beeswax and oil, and laser cut signs for the community garden.

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