Entry 4 JULY 7 – JULY 11

DJ + Music Camp (Grades 4-8) 9am – 12pm & Movie Making Camp (Grades 4-8) 1pm – 4pm

During DJ camp campers learned about electronic music and different ways to create and remix sounds. On Day 1 Campers used a Makey Makey to create a sampler. They recorded sounds they made with their mouths into a program made with Scratch and triggered the sounds with a controller they made using a Makey Makey. On Day 2 a local DJ named Naeem taught the campers how DJs use a laptop and controller to remix songs. Also on day 2 campers tried making cassette tape loops, which had mixed results. On Day 3 campers learned to solder by starting to create a contact microphone using a piezo disc, created a song with the iPhone application Alchemy Mobile, and uploaded their song to Soundcloud. On Day 4 campers continued to work on their contact microphones and dipped them into liquid rubber to make them waterproof! On Day 5 campers used their contact microphones to pick up STRANGE sounds from fizzing soda pop/a stretched out slinky/other random objects and ran them through an effects pedal to make the sounds even stranger! At the end of the day we created an instrument from a wooden box and springs for them to take home to experiment with!


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