Entry 3 JUNE 30 – JULY 3

Rainbow Loom Camp (Grades 4-8) 9am – 12pm & Video Game Camp (Grades 4-8) 1pm – 4pm

During the week of June 30th to July 3rd, Maker Corp members served as Teaching Assistants to Kat, who taught students how to make elaborate and colorful creations on the rainbow loom, and Liz, who directed students through the process of creating an original video game.

We have really been enjoying the Maker Corps program because of all of the projects we’ve been able to do with the kids. Assemble has opened up so many doors to teaching, learning, and just the general sharing of knowledge. This week was full of colorful creations on the loom and computer screen. We had to work hard to help the kids understand the complexities of the programming language, but the final products were worth it. At the end of the week we had endless rainbow loom bracelets to wear and some phenomenal video games to play in our arcade showcase.



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