Entry 1 JUNE 16 – JUNE 20

Design Camp (Grades 4-8) 9am – 12pm & Scratch Camp (Grades 4-8) 1pm – 4pm

This week, the Maker Corp members worked with other Assemble interns to teach Scratch Camp students about the design process. The goals for the week were to: Teach students to understand and apply the design process Engage in different mediums of design Experiment with composition and spatial cues

On Day 1, students learned the basic elements of the design process, and used it to design and craft duct tape wallets. Day 2 was all about spatial view, form and function, and students applied it to a cube form, creating different spaces on the surfaces of the cube and working together to imagine what practical applications they might have on a larger scale. On Day 3, coordinator Louise made a special appearance to teach magazine design. The group looked at magazines and discussed the components of their layouts, such as storyboarding, framing images, and content. They used these new tools to create their own logos and magazine layout, focusing on their topic of choice (for example, fashion, music, and food). Day 4, the activities focused on optical illusions, as instructors first explained the concept to students and provided guidelines that helped the students create their own. The end of the workshop included a trip to the Irma Freeman Center, where students learned about the makey-makey, and were able to play Tetris and the piano with it. Day 5, students learned about the principles of sound, and everyone handmade their own instruments. Students then recorded and mixed the sounds of their voices and their new instruments to make original music! We really enjoyed teaching this week. From planning the curriculum to watching everyone walk home with all of their projects from the week.

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