Our first Color Me Pittsburgh workshop took place on Saturday, February 7 with educator Lisa Brown. She brought a variety of fun, hands-on mapping activities using a mixture of arts and technology to learn about the georgraphy of Pittsburgh. It was an awesome way to creatively share our own Pittsburgh places!

The digital mapping station consisted of eight computers ready to use to pin places that the kids frequent or any other locations that they wanted to map. We mapped both local and global locations!


The other station allowed the kids to draw both interior and exterior maps. Some even used Assemble’s floor as a map!


The Color Me Pittsburgh Map as well as other various interactive maps were up in the space and the kids were free to use them in any way.

After talking about friendship within our communities, the kids developed an interest in making friendship bracelets. Lisa taught the kids a few different looming and weaving techniques and it became a friendship bracelet extravaganza!


Thanks so much to Lisa Brown for coming!

For more information about Saturday Crafternoons, click here!

Blog post written by Becca Sufrin, one of Assemeble’s Repair the World Fellows.

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