Collage City: Memory, Experience, and Depicting Dreams

November’s Unblurred Artist Showcase
November 3rd from 6-10pm
Join us for our Unblurred Gallery Opening, Collage City: Memory, Experience, and Depicting Dreams. This November showcase is an interactive exhibition that explores the spaces of our dreams. Based on the Dream Diary collages by artist-architect Annie Wang, Collage City will invite visitors to an experience at the intersection of architecture, visual arts, music, literature, and psychology. During the month of November, architects and artists will interpret visitor’s dreams live in the gallery and lead workshops that invite visitors to see the spaces in their dreams come to life. The public is also invited to collaborate on a large-scale dream collage that will break down the barriers between dreamer and interpreter, artist and visitor.
Annie Wang’s explorations of her dreams through collage and architecture in her Dream Diary are at the center of this exhibit. By combining photography, sketches, and digital renderings, she depicts the experience and atmosphere of her dreams with a blurred clarity. The collages invite the viewer into the landscape of her dream. For this exhibit, Annie will facilitate visitors’ interpretations of their own dreamscapes in the context of the city; the exhibition will allow visitors to chronicle and compile these dream depictions—whether through drawing, writing, digital, and multimedia—into a greater architectural dreamscape. While Annie works in architecture, this exhibit will also challenge visitors to expand the form in which they represent and interpret their dreams through workshops with Pittsburgh-based artists, psychologists, musicians, and architects. The collaborative and interactive nature of this exhibition will create an intentional ambiguity between the dreamer and interpreter, artist and visitor.
Here is what you can look forward to on opening night on November 3rd from 6-10pm:
– Annie Wang will be in the gallery interpreting dreams live
– Dream Q&A with Stan Marlon, Pittsburgh Jungian Society
– A chance to collage your own dreams in our interactive dream wall
– An immersive experience in a dreamy environment
Annie Wang’s Dream Diary collages combine photography, drawing, and digital renderings to invite the viewer into the surreal landscapes of her dreams. Wang’s work has appeared in the 2013 Cut ‘n’ Paste exhibition at MoMA, in the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennial, and the 2015 Chicago Architecture Biennial. She studied architecture and psychology at the University of Toronto and earned her M.Arch from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. She is currently an Associate at Peter Rose & Partners in Boston.
This exhibition is organized by Point Line Projects, an editorial and curatorial agency for architecture and design based in Pittsburgh. Point Line Projects founder Sarah Rafson curated the exhibition with the assistance of the following students from the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture: Adam Kor, Kyle Wing, Emily Ebersol, Ilana Curtis, KelliLaurel Mijares, Sarah Grossman, Iris Wang, Kyleen Pickering, and Amanda Bartko. To receive updates, visit
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