5 Reasons Why I’m an Assembler (part 5)

Reason # 1 – We are all Makers at Heart

Through my involvement with Assemble, I’ve come to see myself as a Maker.  I had never thought of myself this way before, because I am not a Maker of things.  But I do make things happen.

What first drew me to Assemble is not what keeps me there now.  Executive Director Nina Barbuto is my cousin and so of course, I want to help her with everything she does in the way that family members often do for each other.  I just never thought I would end up valuing Assemble so much for what it is, what it is doing for Pittsburgh, and for what it has done for me.

If you’ve been following this series of blog posts, you know that I’m a total art-klutz and that I couldn’t craft my way out of a paper bag.  But when Nina wrote “Why I Love Garfield” on the wall at Assemble during one of the recent Unblurred events and invited everyone in attendance to answer with paintbrush, crayon, marker, or pen in hand, I too was included in that invitation.  Me. Someone who struggled to draw a goat on the wall with a thin brush and some red paint but had a ton of fun even so.  I was just one of many, big and small, enjoying the experience and the atmosphere and joy of writing on a wall.

By doing these simple things, we are all making a community together.  By including everyone, we are making the kind of place that we ‘d all like to live in — the one that is warm, welcoming, and has a place for each of us at at the table.

I make things happen all the time, I just never realized it because it’s something I do so naturally that  it’s just a part of me.  And so it is with everyone.  We are all Makers.  And when we have a space like Assemble to use as a resource, the kinds of things we can make together are huge.  Things like community, futures, transformation, relationships, place, and connection.

What a wonderful thing this is for Pittsburgh.

And this is why I am so proud to be an Assembler.


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