5 Reasons Why I’m an Assembler (part 3)

Reason # 3 – Learning is Messy

I confess that when I saw Assemble’s Executive Director Nina Barbuto show a slide of her learning space from graduate school at one of the Creative Mornings breakfasts recently, I cringed,  Really cringed.  And the hair on the back of my neck stood up.  Just the thought of trying to learn anything in a space that was open, cluttered, and filled with other people talking and making noise caused a stress reaction in me.

Yet for some learners, this is exactly the type of space that makes them feel relaxed, welcomed, and creative.  Assemble celebrates this and allows learners to engage the learning process in whatever way suits them best.

Me? I prefer the yoga studio style of learning space.  Bare, spare, and minimal.  I need to be able to focus and concentrate with few distractions.  But I love to be around the energy of learners who need to touch and feel, make and break in a physical space in order to make learning their own.

I too am a messy learner, but the kinds of messes I make don’t usually involve glue and paint.  I jump right in and barrel on through until I hit a wall.  Then try to figure out where I should have treaded more lightly, employed more patience, or simply changed direction altogether.  There is often a lot to clean up.

But whether we’re picking up pieces of felt and wire or picking up ourselves for another try, we are moving forward.  Having a safe, supportive space like Assemble to learn in makes the whole process much more enjoyable.


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